Harnessing the Power of Your ADHD

Joel Ybarra, LCMFT, originally published April 28, 2017 on joelybarra.com.

We tend to think of problems with focus and attention as impairments in brain functioning. Forgetting things, losing things and not being able to focus on the task at hand are all problematic, but it is important to understand what is actually going on in our ADHD brains and how we can use them optimally.  It is not that we are incapable of focus; we may just need to put in a little extra effort to be able to harness all our brains are capable of doing. The ADHD brain is actually moving too fast. In most cases, ADHD is more like “too much attention” than not enough. We can pay attention to too many things at once. We end up focusing on things we don’t need to. Or if asked to do something that is not challenging mentally (doesn’t take much processing power), our minds drift because of the simplicity (or dullness) of the activity.

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Adult Dialectical Behavior Therapy Group Skills Training Starts March 5, 2017

Emotion dysregulation has been linked to a variety of mental health concerns stemming from patterns of instability in emotion regulation, impulse control, interpersonal relationships, and self-image.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a broad-based cognitive behavioral treatment aimed to assist with regulation of emotions.  Often over-controlled and under-controlled emotions create frustrations within ourselves and within relationships, causing us to behave and interact with one another in undesirable ways.  

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Pediatric Oncology Support Groups Start January 18, 2017 at Wesley Children’s Hospital

Real Life Counseling has teamed up with Wesley Children’s Hospital to provide support groups for pediatric oncology patients and their families. These support groups have been generously funded by Wesley Children’s Foundation. The goal of these support groups is to provide a place where patients and their families can meet and support one another through the difficulties of diagnosis, treatment and life change associated with childhood cancer. Separate groups will be provided for oncology patients, for parents and for siblings of patients. Go here for dates.

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Real Life Counseling Challenges Other Businesses to Maximize Health And Creativity, Not Just Profits

At Real Life Counseling, we are starting a campaign to challenge ourselves and others to build businesses that are healthy and creative, not just profitable. In a LinkedIn article “What If The Purpose of Business Is Creativity, Not Wealth Extraction,”[1] John Battelle questions the common understanding that businesses exist solely to deliver profits to shareholders. As we manage and work in business, we reach points where we must balance profit objectives with values that focus on the health of our organizations, the people within them and the community around us. Maximizing profits is not always opposed to creativity, but these two objectives often exist in tension with one another. If our only goal is to maximize profits, our businesses will become, as Battelle points out, “destructive to society — lowering wages, cutting corners on quality, outsourcing environmental costs to communities and the like. And destruction is the opposite of creation….”

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