6 Tips for Handling the Holiday Hullabaloo

We all encounter it – the craziness of the holidays. They’re upon us, and we wanted to share a few tips for looking after yourself and your loved ones these holidays. The world around you will speed up and there’ll be pressures and stresses that come around each year about this time. Maybe do a few of these things this year to stay healthy, and make your holidays better! Read More

A Single Tree Podcast #5 – The Role of Our Grief: Uncovering Joy

Brandon and Joel recorded Episode 5 of A Single Tree Podcast about grief’s role in uncovering gratitude and joy in our lives. Listen below, find all episodes of A Single Tree Podcast here and subscribe on Soundcloud or iTunes.

Description: We are constantly in grief – not just when we have experienced “big” losses. Any time we experience any kind of change or even just unmet expectations in our lives, grief is active. In our culture, we orient ourselves toward having what we consider “the good life,” but there is wisdom in being oriented toward and in tune with our grief. It is happening in us on a daily basis, and is our avenue to deeper joy. Read More

A Single Tree Podcast #4: What You Can Learn from A Tree

Brandon and Joel recorded Episode 4 of A Single Tree Podcast about trees as a pattern for our growth personally and organizationally. Listen below, and find all episodes of A Single Tree Podcast here and subscribe on Soundcloud or iTunes.


Amazing trees are a pattern for our growth personally and in our organizations and communities. They effortlessly demonstrate that growth is a natural part of the world around us and the wisdom of realizing our existence is equal parts life and death. Pruning and a little death are necessary for health and growth. Read More

Should I Try to Change My Partner? The Paradox in Couple Relationships

By Joel Ybarra, LCMFT

It is common for couples to wonder whether they should try to “change” one another. At times, partners are merely making simple requests of one another, such as asking for a hand with the groceries, but other times, it may seem like they’re asking their partner to change part of their personality. Couple relationships are a delicate balance between accepting our partners for who they are and seeking to get our own “needs” met. The best relationships are the ones in which there is unconditional acceptance, so where do our needs and desires (or even simple requests) come in? It’s tough to know when to do what: when to accept our partners as they are and when to ask for what we want. How do we balance these apparently contradictory ways of being in relationships? Read More