6 Tips for Handling the Holiday Hullabaloo

We all encounter it – the craziness of the holidays. They’re upon us, and we wanted to share a few tips for looking after yourself and your loved ones these holidays. The world around you will speed up and there’ll be pressures and stresses that come around each year about this time. Maybe do a few of these things this year to stay healthy, and make your holidays better!

  1. Acknowledge how you are feeling – if you recently experienced a loss, trauma, or other difficulty, let those who care about you know how you are feeling. We all need support. Or, if you are happy these holidays, take time to notice and be grateful.
  2. Set aside differences during the holidays – try to accept family for who they are and don’t try to change them.
  3. Holidays aren’t for everyone – be aware the holidays can be triggering for people who have had bad experiences during holidays past. Be open to doing things other than your normal traditions to be considerate of them.
  4. Finances – do not get yourself in debt stretching yourself to buy gifts for everyone. If you don’t have money and you want to give gifts, make something yourself. Food is always a good gift!
  5. Learn to say “NO”- you don’t always have to please everyone and get yourself into a time crunch. Remember they’re your holidays too!
  6. Don’t overdo it – it is good self-care to avoid eating and drinking too much these holidays. Exercising during the holidays will brighten your mood, too!

We hope you’ll take some time to be kind to yourself and others these holidays, and we wish you the best now and always.

– The Team at Real Life Counseling